Watch: Artist Recreates Famous Paintings by Ironing Them

The Girl with a Pearl Earring takes form from a white linen

“The Art of Ironing” features famous paintings by Dutch authors, being recreated with nothing but a cotton white cloth and an iron.

The clip is part of a Philips commercial campaign in Russia, which tries to make ironing fun. It doesn't look very fun, rather quite complicated, but the results are truly spectacular.

It's amazing what a skilled artist can do with an iron, and it really makes you wonder how the ad minds at Philips came up with this concept.

Wrinkles help recreate the spitting image of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Jan Vermeer van Delft, among others. A steamer is used to cancel out any minor flaws, and give the girl's face complexity, throughout the formation of shadows.

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