Watch: Apple Maps Dark Knight Parody

Not even Batman could make his way in Gotham with Apple Maps

Much has been said about Apple Maps – not many of them good things –, and even much more fun has been made at the expense of the app. At this point, not even Batman could make matters any worse.

Except, of course, if he depends on the app to get to his beloved Rachel (or “Rayyy-chall!!” as he refers to her).

The video above is a “Dark Knight” parody that considers what could have gone wrong when Batman tried to get to Rachel to save her life, after The Joker gave him her whereabouts.

Say, if he tried to navigate his way through Gotham with Apple Maps, this could explain why he ended up in the wrong place and Rayyy-chall!!, as fans of the franchise must know, died in a blast.

“See what happens when Batman tries to use his Apple Maps App to navigate Gotham on his way to save Rachel in The Dark Knight. SPOILER ALERT: He runs into some trouble that's even more frustrating than The Joker,” reads the description of the video.

Frustrating, indeed, but also incredibly funny.

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