Watch: Amazing Facts About Humpback Whales [Video]

These marine mammals get their name from their swimming style

Given the fact that we just showed you one very amazing picture of humpback whales feeding very close to human in the waters close to California's coast, we're guessing a video conveying more information about these amazing marine mammals can't really hurt anyone.

For those unaware, and we are sure there are quite a few, humpback whales get their name from their very specific swimming style, meaning that every time they get to the surface of the ocean and then move on to diving again, their back pretty much “curls” and gets out of the water.

One other interesting fact is that just one breath of air allows humpback whales to remain underwater for up to thirty minutes, so we can only imagine that their lung capacity is something they can pretty much brag about.

Just as a reminder, humpback whales, together with other similar marine mammals, are under constant threats as various human activities take their toll on these animals' natural habitats.

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