Watch: Alicia Silverstone Speaks Up for Ducks and Geese

The birds are abused by workers in the down industry, are in dire need of help

After several animal rights activists did their best in drawing attention to the abuses ducks and geese suffer at the hands of workers in the down industry, the time has come for celebrity Alicia Silverstone to speak up for these birds.

This video is the result of the actress's working closely with greener-oriented group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and shows shocking images of how both ducks and geese are tortured with the sole purpose of collecting their down.

“There is another industry that abuses animals that most people haven’t heard about until now. It includes millions of geese and ducks who are violently plucked bloody for their feathers in order to make down filled comforters and jackets sold in your local mall,” Alicia Silverstone states in this video.

Both PETA and the actress hope that this footage and the accompanying speech will convince people to reconsider the way they look at comforters and jackets made from down.

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