Watch: Alicia Keys Performs Hits Medley at NBA All Star Game

Disappointed fans take their frustration online, say she must have been sick

Alicia Keys is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive live performers out there. However, her 10-minute set at the NBA All Star Game was not one of her best.

Check it out above.

Alicia headlined the Halftime Show and made sure to deliver to fans a medley of some of her greatest hits, including “New York,” “No One” and her most recent release, the chart-topping “Girl on Fire.”

If comments online are anything to go by, either Alicia was sick and, thus, not able to deliver her best, or she was unable to do so because she was also dancing.

Not trying to say that her performance was horrible or anything like that, but she did sound uncharacteristically raspy as if she was just recovering from a bad cold.

Perhaps that was it. Check out the video and let me know in the comments section below what you think.

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