Watch: Alabama Shakes on SNL

Alabama band is the musical guest, puts on an amazing performance

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Alabama Shakes!” SNL host Christoph Waltz said while extending his hand to introduce the musical guest of the night. Below are two videos of the two tracks the band performed.

If you don’t know who Alabama Shakes is, I can guarantee it’s not a name you’re likely to forget anytime soon after you’ve seen their performance.

Founded in 2009, the band put out just one album until now, the 2012 critically acclaimed “Boys and Girls.” Both songs they did on SNL are lifted off it.

The first performance of the night was of the popular “Hold On,” which was also the leading single off the album.

The second was “Always Right” and, yes, it was just as amazing as the first.

Without further ado, do enjoy!

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