Watch: ASUS ZenWatch Teaser Released Ante-IFA 2014

ASUS will be joining the smartwatch family in a few days in Berlin

In anticipation of the IFA 2014 event that will start in Berlin next week, Samsung and LG already launched their newest smartwatch products.

With them out of the pictures, the world is looking to ASUS to shake the grounds in Berlin, smartwatch-wise.

A few days ago, the company teased the product in a bunch of sketches, but today they are giving us more than just a cryptic hint.

What you can see below is an official video detailing the upcoming smartwatch for which we are finally given a name. The product is going to be called the ASUS ZenWatch.

We can’t see a lot of details in the 30s video, as the product is still hidden in the shadows pretty well. Word on the street has it that the company will offer this “hero project” with a competitive price-tag, standing somewhere between $99 / €75 and $149 / €112.

The watch should bring about some nifty features like gesture control and will probably run on the Android Wear platform, although we’re not exactly sure of this aspect for the time being.

Anyway, the whole teaser is dominated by Kahlil Gibran’s motto, which we have seen before “Time has been transformed and we have changed.” We wonder what that is all about. Tune in with us on September 3 to find out!

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