Watch: 97% of the World's Tiger Population Lost in Just One Century

The WWF asks for help to protect this critically endangered species

The folks at the World Wildlife Fund and their supporters are doing a great job looking after endangered species that risk falling off the biodiversity map in the not so distant future. The problem is that they can't save these animals on their own, and are in dire need of our help.

The video above is intended to raise awareness of the dangers that the world's remaining tiger population faces.

As the World Wildlife Fund explains, it only took one century for the number of wild tigers to drop from roughly 100,000 to merely 3,200. Hunting and the destruction of their natural habitat are the main culprits.

The organization urges that people who want to save the species from going extinct visit their official website and donate.

“World Wildlife Fund needs your support to prevent threats like deforestation, climate change and illegal trade that are putting tigers and other species at risk,” the green group says.

“Your generosity can help protect a world of life,” it stresses.

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