Watch: 8-Year-Old Girl Is Caught Stealing Christmas Packages

She was lifting them right off people's porches, in broad daylight

The good people of Clermont, Florida, have a dangerous thief in the midst. As their Christmas packages weren't being delivered, they started suspecting someone was lifting them right off their porches.

They set up an ambush and installed a camera to catch the robber in the act. As you can see in the video, the dangerous villain turned out to be an 8-year-old girl. Neighbors have her on tape as she lifts holiday packages, in broad daylight.

They are not pleased, and they intend to bring the case to juvenile court. It may seem like that would be overdoing it, but some of them incurred massive losses.

Jessica Araujo, featured in the interview, runs a home business, and lost a lot of products.

"I am missing $1,800 (€1,360) worth of merchandise," she says, according to WESH Orlando.

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