Watch: 72,000 Ladybugs Are Released Inside Mall of America

The insects are to protect the mall's tropical plants against aphids

A whopping 72,000 ladybugs were released inside the Mall of America in Minnesota this past Monday.

Those who set these insects free explain that the ladybugs are expected to act as pesticides and rid the mall's tropical plants of aphids.

Thus, were it not for these insects, the mall's plants would most likely be eaten by pests.

As MOA employee Lydel Newby explains, “Ladybugs are what I like to call, sort of a biological defense system.”

One group of school kids got to witness the event. “Before I got to hold these ladybugs, I was pretty scared of them. I overcame my fear and helped the ladybugs,” a girl said when asked about this experience.

Apparently, just one ladybug can eat thousands of aphids, which is why one can only begin to imagine what 72,000 such insects can do.

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