Watch: 2012 Was the Year Climate Change Got Real for Americans

Video discusses the extreme weather manifestations that hit this country in 2012

Apparently, these past twelve months were the hottest on record for the United States. As the video above shows, this basically means that 2012 is quite likely to go down in history as the year when climate change and global warming got real for Americans.

As reported on numerous occasions, 2012 brought people in the US severe droughts, massive wildfires, several heat waves and powerful storms.

When grouped together and labeled accordingly (i.e. “extreme weather manifestations”), these natural phenomena stand as proof that climate change and global warming are as real as it gets.

As Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research argued at one point, “You look out the window and you see climate change in action. This is the way it gets manifested.”

Hopefully, this video will help turn around some of the climate change skeptics who are still busy denying that human-caused pollution might in any way be linked to global changes in terms of weather patterns.

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