Watch: 2012 – The Year in Climate Insanity

“Climate change is about you and your lives,” the video wants to show

2012 was the hottest year on record for the US, which is why few citizens in this country remain to doubt climate change, global warming and their effects on human society.

This video was only recently released by Climate Desk, a journalistic collaboration whose sole purpose is that of raising awareness with respect to said phenomena, and documents the extreme weather manifestations that people living in the US have experienced over the past few months.

Thus, the country faces severe droughts and rather powerful freak storms, which stand as proof that something must soon be done in order to push for sustainability and greener living standards.

“Climate change is about you and your lives,” Climate Desk says while promising that, come 2013, it will continue to keep people informed with respect to climate change-related issues.

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