Watch: 20-Year-Old Toddler Documentary, “Child Frozen in Time,” in Full

Brooke Greenberg baffles doctors with peculiar condition, has wonderful family support

The case of Brooke Greenberg is getting plenty of traction in the international media right now – and has been doing so for years, which coincides with the amount of time doctors have spent trying to solve the medical mystery that prevents her from growing old or growing up.

Above is the TLC documentary shot 4 years ago, “Child Frozen in Time,” offering an unprecedented look into the life of this amazing and strong family, which is struggling to come to terms with the fact that they have a special child, one who will never grow up or grow old.

As we also reported earlier today, Greenberg is tentatively diagnosed with Syndrome X but doctors admit defeat when it comes to pinpointing exactly what it is that is preventing her from aging.

You will see in the documentary that, at 16 years old (which is how old Brooke was when it was shot, she’s 20 today), she hardly looked a day older over 16 months, even though she had more medical issues than most people could have in 3 lifetimes.

“Child Frozen in Time” is a story of unconditional love, support and incredible strength. Give it a go if you have 43 minutes to spare.

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