Watch: 2,000ºF (1,093ºC) Solar Power Screen Helps Burn Things

Learn how to melt metal using a part of your old TV

YouTuber Grant Thompson, at NurdRage Science Experiments, put up a solar power clip as one of his “Random Weekend Projects.”

The “Solar scorcher,” as he calls it, is a screen made out of an old TV station. He found various applications for the screen, including – but not limited to – using it to “abuse food, melt metal, and burn things you probably shouldn't.”

This time he starts out by burning down a piece of wood and melting concrete. As the temperature in a specific point hits 2,000ºF (1,093ºC), he makes water in a bottle boil, in seconds. The glass pieces melt as well.

Hot dogs and eggs are done in an instant when he uses the panel to heat them up. A penny and even an entire stack of pennies can be melted down using solar power.

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