Watch: 10 Bets You Will Always Win – Second Edition

Learn how to drop a coin into an empty glass without touching the coin or the glass

YouTube's Quirkology is back with a sequel to their popular video “10 bets you will always win,” which I mentioned in October, as one of the greatest collection of tricks the Internet has to offer.

This time, you can try out another ten ways to impress friends and win bets, given to you by psychologist and performer Richard Wiseman. These tricks are, of course, useful if you party a lot and have a lot of gullible friends.

I learned a lot from the video, like how to balance an egg on a table, or get a coin into a glass without touching either objects.

However, some of these practical jokes are really better suited for children – for example, taking a picture of an empty chair, and pretending you can make a friend invisible, at least on camera.

The trick is to then show them the picture of the empty chair, pretending you removed them from the shot. If your friend is three-years-old, he or she might fall for it.

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