Wasteland 2 Prototype Is Already Up and Running

The game will get more than 15 main areas and other smaller maps

Brian Fargo, leader of inXile team working on Wasteland 2, reveals how the development process for the new game is going and talks about the scope of the game and how it will impress fans of the original.

In an extensive interview with VG247, the game maker states, “By the end of October, we will be wrapping up all of the level designs. At that point, we’re going to do a full script run-through to make sure there aren’t any holes that were missed.”

“We’ll then continue on with full production. In the mean time, we are also implementing many of the core systems into the game,” he then argues.

Fargo says that prototypes are ready for the map, attributes for the characters, skill system and combat, which are the core elements of Wasteland 2.

Speaking about the game world, he adds, “There are currently over 15 main areas that the player can visit along with many smaller maps that they can explore. All of this content is highly re-playable as well.”

“I feel very comfortable saying that no two people will experience the same story on a play-through. It is a very ambitious design from a cause and effect point of view,” he confesses.

Those who loved the first Wasteland will get to see a number of familiar faces and references even if the new game takes place a full fifteen years later.

Fargo says that many elements of the gameplay from the original will return, although they will be retooled for modern audiences.

Wasteland 2 was funded via Kickstarter and received more than three times the funds that inXile asked the community for.

The game will be a post-apocalyptic role-playing game that’s based around the party and will force the player to make tough choices in order to survive and prosper.

The game will launch on the PC in 2013.

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