Washington State Wants to Ban Octopus Fishing

The idea comes shortly after a diver took home a live octopus and fed on it

It was not very long ago when diver Dylan Mayer saw fit to throw a live octopus in the back of his truck, drive it home, kill it and feed on it.

Although several Asian and Mediterranean countries are quite fond of eating representatives of this marine species, it seems that Dylan Mayer's actions fueled rather strong criticism.

Thus, after numerous activists complained about his behavior and his abusing the octopus in said manner, high officials in the state of Washington decided to look into the possibility of banning octopus fishing altogether.

According to Huffington Post, Dylan Mayer also received several death threats from divers and other people who strongly disapproved of his dietary choices, so it should not come as such a big surprise if octopus harvesting were soon enough banned in this American state.

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