Warren Spector Already Has Ideas for Epic Mickey 2

Famous games designer Warren Spector, the head of Junction Point studio, is already talking about the possibility of a sequel to his latest title, Epic Mickey, and said that he has quite a few ideas about where to take Disney's loveable mouse.

Epic Mickey was launched last year, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, and even if it was hyped both by Spector and Disney, the title hasn't exactly sold as much as they expected, and reviews were a little mixed.

Still, that doesn't mean Spector isn't thinking about Epic Mickey 2, as he talked with Game Informer magazine and revealed that there are already a few ideas and game mechanics on the drawing board.

"As far as a second Epic Mickey game goes, there's no shortage of interesting challenges to tackle," he said.

"I have some ideas about music gameplay that could be fun and there's a world of stuff can do with paint and thinner that we couldn't even have thought of the first time around. Or we could do some stuff completely different and not to any of the stuff I've mentioned here. Who knows? There's no shortage of ideas."

Spector also teased about the possibility of Junction Point tackling another Disney series, and taking it in a new direction, much like it did with Epic Mickey.

"I've actually always envisioned Junction Point - well, once we became a part of Disney - as the studio that draws inspiration from the Archives," he said.

"I've been pretty up front about my love of the Ducks. I'd love to do a Duck Tales game, and a Gremlins game would be amazing. Oswald would make a great leading man ...er ... rabbit."

Epic Mickey was hyped as a gritty, noir-themed game, set to put a new spin on Disney's Mickey Mouse mascot.

Sadly, even if it was hyped before its release, it failed to impress many due to its very simple nature and the problematic camera system.

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