Warning: Jailbreak Scam Sites Now Resemble Genuine Hacker Blogs

Scammers rip off pod2g’s blog (and other hacker sites) for profit

Earlier this week we reported on the emergence of new jailbreak scams in light of Apple releasing new iDevices and a brand new version of its iOS mobile operating system. As it turns out, there are many more such fraudulent sites than we had previously estimated.

What’s more is that many of the recently-emerged scams do a great job at replicating the genuine websites and blogs hosted by the good guys – iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, and their respective (individual) members.

Take for instance http://pod2gblog.blogspot.com/. It looks almost exactly like the blog owned by famous hacker pod2g, but features an added announcement – “Absinthe 3.0 is out!”

Sadly, that's not true. Nor is the fact that “The 6.0 (and 6.0.1) untethered jailbreak for all current devices I talked about for weeks now is out.”

Whoever wrote that is not pod2g (or anyone associated with the famous hacker), and the download link certainly doesn’t take users to any Absinthe download.

The same goes for the following sites, which also replicate existing hacker blogs to great avail: http://absinthev3.blogspot.com/; http://absinthev3.blogspot.de/; http://greenpois0nblog.blogspot.com/; http://redpois0n.net/.

To be clear, there is no genuine untethered jailbreak solution available for iPhone 5 and / or iOS 6.0.1 at the moment.

Rogue iOS customers who can’t live without a jailbreak are advised to double check their sources to be sure they’re not being misled into taking some IQ test that ends with their email address spammed or phone bill charged.

For good reference, pod2g’s actual blog is located here: http://www.pod2g.org/. See how neat this URL is? It’s almost a no-brainer to differentiate the scams from the real deal.

You can follow the real hackers on twitter too, just to be safe. Here are some of the most prominent names on the jailbreak scene today: @pod2g; @MuscleNerd; @p0sixninja; @chpwn; @planetbeing; @i0nic.

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