Warner Bros. Registers 15 New Batman-Based Domains

The new game might use the name Universe or Dark Knight

Video game publisher Warner Bros. is using its official web domain management company, Mark Monitor, to register 15 new domains linked to its Batman-based video game series, using terms like Universe and Dark Knight.

The complete list of registered domains includes, according to VG247:

arkhamuniverse.com - Arkham Universe

batmanarkahmuniverse.com - Batman Arkham Universe

batmanarkhamarises.com - Batman Arkham Arises

batmanarkhambegins.com - Batman Arkham Begins

batmanarkhamdarkknight.com - Batman Arkham Dark Knight

batmanarkhamknight.com - Batman Arkham Knight

batmanarkhamlegend.com - Batman Arkham Legend

batmanarkhamlegends.com - Batman Arkham Legends

batmanarkhamnight.com - Batman Arkham Night

batmanarkhamorigins.com - Batman Arkham Origins

batmanarkhamstories.com - Batman Arkham Stories

darkknightarkham.com - Dark Knight Arkham

dcarkhamuniverse.com - DC Arkham Universe

dcarkhamverse.com - DC Arkhamverse

thearkhamuniverse.com - The Arkham Universe

It’s unclear whether Warner Bros. is registering the websites, which are at the moment devoid of any content, just so that it can protect them from other companies and opportunists that might use them or whether it will use the names in a future Batman-based video game.

At the moment, there’s no official announcement regarding a follow-up to Batman: Arkham City.

Considering that the video game tackled the entire city area, it makes sense for the publisher and developer Rocksteady Studios to be working on a game that involves the whole universe of the comic book.

The references to Dark Knight are also tantalizing because they might represent a sign that the two companies are thinking about integrating the story that Christopher Nolan has already told in his much celebrated movie trilogy.

The tone of the Batman games, as created by Rocksteady, has already been a serious one, but it’s unlikely that fans of the character will be happy to replay events that they have already experienced in a movie theater.

Batman: Arkham City was launched during late 2011 and Warner Bros. says that more than 6 million units have been shipped since then.

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