War of the Vikings Will Launch on April 15 for PC

The game offers a savage multiplayer medieval combat experience

Developer Fatshark and publisher Paradox Interactive have announced that the mutiplayer-only close-quarters combat game War of the Vikings will launch for the PC on April 15.

War of the Vikings is a combat-oriented game set in Saxon controlled Britannia during the Viking Age that has been developed as a spiritual successor to War of the Roses, Fatshark's previous medieval combat game. The main difference between the two, aside from technological advancements, lies in the fact that War of the Roses was set in the 15th century, when wars and melees had already been established as trades, with proper training and handbooks.

In War of the Vikings on the other hand, there are no such rules, it's just a savage experience based on pure aggression, just as the Vikings’ ruthlessness was proved when they started attacking monasteries across England in a time where nobody would dare to do so.

War of the Vikings is currently accessible via Steam Early Access, and once the final version kicks in, players will be able to purchase both the base game, going for $25 / €19 and The Blood Eagle Edition for $35 / €28 and The Valhalla Edition for $150 / €135, as well as upgrade the edition they already own to a higher tier.

The Blood Eagle Edition comes with a digital concept art book, the game's soundtrack, a Viking helmet, a Saxon one and tier one and two gear patterns already unlocked as well as bonus coins and the frist DLC, Archetype.

The Valhalla Edition includes a digital art book featuring concept art, the deluxe version of the soundtrack, the unique Viking and Saxon helmets that come with The Blood Eagle Edition as well as an additional Viking and Saxon unique premium helmets, some giftable bonus coins to help a friend begin customizing faster and a Lifetime Viking Pass that will unlock all current and all future content for the entire lifetime of War of the Vikings.

The Early Access version also comes with some perks such as bonus coins, an exclusive helmet and some giftable coins to help out a friend, as well as the inclusion in the game's Founders Club.

For additional information on War of the Vikings, you can check out Paradox's presentation of the game from last year or the much more recent streaming session where executive producer Gordon Van Dyke explains the game's combat system and shows a couple of character customization options and game modes on Paradox Interactive's Twitch channel.

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