“Wanted: A Wife” – 82-Year-Old Man Wears Sign to Find His Soulmate

Sandy McCulloch, of Oregon, is trying to pick up women at the local hospital

Sandy McCulloch, of Oregon, took to an unexpected way of picking up women when he noticed nothing else was working.

McCulloch sits in the waiting room at the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon, wearing the funny sign you see pictured above.

“Wanted: A Wife,” he promotes.

According to the Daily Mail, he decided to try approaching women in a hospital because he wants “the one” to be over 60.

“People look for a wife for different reasons when they are 20 or 25 than when they are my age. [...] I’m looking for companionship,” he explains.

The woman he chooses will be of the right age, have a sense of humor, love books and, most importantly, she will live in the same town as him.

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