Want to Eat Penis? Go to China...

The amazing cuisine

You may have heard that the tiger is menaced by the demand on the Chinese black market of tiger penis bone. Tiger penis bone for the same people encompasses the tiger's power, including the sexual one.

Of course, it's like chewing chicken or pork bones, but the poachers are menacing the wild tigers because of such stupid beliefs.

But the Chinese imagination does not stop here, and each penis it the world for them looks like a panacea. Penises are thought to increase yang (virility) and women are not advised to eat testicles, due to testosterone content.

The penis diet could not be sustained at the next door Chinese restaurant, but a trip to China would help. There are specialized restaurants in penis delicacies.

Because many of the dishes are considered aphrodisiacs, discretion must be secured in these placements and they make sure all the tables are in private rooms. Some penises are served raw, like sushi, others can be cooked.

You can serve dog clammy testicles and penis, which is gray and shiny. Dog penis is low in cholesterol and is considered as quite efficient in boosting the male sex drive, but also for treating all sorts of conditions.

Giant salami-shaped donkey penises are considered good for the skin...

Aborted reindeer fetus is also considered good for the skin.

The double penis of the snakes is considered to increase potency.

Sliced and pickled ox penis, which has bland and rubbery texture, is considered a general energizer.

You can also eat in a such restaurant yak, seal, horse, goat and deer penises.

Some westerners compare the tastes of some penises with overcooked squid.

The black market delivers also the highly desired tiger penis, at a price of $5,700 (£3,000), but it must be ordered months in advance. It seems that it tastes the same as other penises, but many people in China just like to order tiger to show off how much money they have.

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