Want to Block Google Ads? Here's What You Must Do!

Interesting way, based on Google's search

Most of the users are bothered by Google's adverts distributed through the AdSense advertising platform and are looking for simple ways to block them. Of course, there are a lot of methods to filter the adverts, starting with the hosts file created by Windows and ending with specialized application created by the software companies. Digital Inspiration found a simple way to search Google and navigate through its results straight from the official SERP: a modified URL address to use the search engine. All you need to do is to include the "output=googleabout" parameter into your Google search URL. For example, you can search Google using this link.

Although the decision of blocking the Google adverts might look a little bit unfair because the search giant offers money to a considerable number of website owners, you can do it straight with Google's weapons. The above link will return a clean SERP without any sponsored links.

The Google advertising platform is probably the most popular solution on the Internet because it allows users to earn money by placing adverts on their websites. Generally, every time a visitor clicks on an advert distributed by Google, a certain amount of money is automatically transferred to the registered member's account so more visitors means more money.

In the recent period, Google struggled to expand its advertising platform into the offline media by signing agreements with newspapers and televisions. The first test was started a long time ago after the search giant selected several AdWords publishers and sent their adverts to the partner publications. Then, Google signed deals with radio stations and created audio ads that were played for the listeners. The first step was even more incredible because the search giant announced its plans to place adverts on billboards and in several US shops. At this time, the audio ads campaign is available in beta version so if you want to advertise your ads in audio format you should register for the program.

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