Walton Chaintec Returns to Motherboard Business, Colorful Helps

After six years, the company will be going back to its roots, so to speak

Companies sometime abandon the market they started in, like Kodak has been forced to, but sometimes they come back.

Walton Chaintech, Chaintech for short, is the corporation showing signs of once again approaching its initial market segment: motherboards.

The company backed out of the market back in 2006, because of too much competition and little profit.

Still, it didn't dismiss the development team, just in case it saw an opportunity.

Turns out it was a good decision. With help from Colorful, a graphics card maker, it will try to reestablish itself as a strong brand.

Chaintech will make the products and Colorful will distribute them through its channels in high-growth regions. Some of them are on display at Computex 2012, but more are coming.

The folks at Tech-Eye are the ones who came upon the information.

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