Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Focuses on Stealth and Survival

Gamers will be unable to deal with more than 3 zombies

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct might have been described as a first-person shooter, but the team working on the game wants to focus on the survival elements of the game, which include stealth and the possibility to distract enemies.

Glenn Gamble, a producer working at Terminal Reality, tells Eurogamer that, “We wanted something different. Drop a Call of Duty player in our game and they’re not going to last long. We wanted a game that felt more real, but at the same time being a little more faster-paced and not getting bogged down with the micro-management of some of the more complex games out there.”

Terminal Reality wants the video game to reflect all the stories told on the television show and for players to perform all the activities that impressed and horrified them.

Glenn Gamble also wants players to actually fear the zombies and focus on silent movement rather than on guns because they tend to attract more enemies.

He adds, “three walkers is a threat. It almost takes out Rick in one episode in Season Two. Okay, there’s our benchmark. Three should be that breakpoint.”

When Survival Instinct was first announced, many saw it as just a cheap way of capitalizing on the success of the television show.

The story will focus on Daryl and Merle Dixon and will serve as a prequel.

The Walking Dead is already a success in adventure game form, with the Telltale Games developed episodic title one of the best titles of 2012.

The adventure is based on the comic book rather than on the TV series, focuses on a larger group and forced choices in the face of undead assault.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is set to be launched on March 26 in the United States and on March 29 in Europe, with version for the PC, the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox 360.

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