Walking Dead Developer Wants Partnerships for Original IP

The team is currently working on Fables and undisclosed projects

Video game developer Telltale Games has found mainstream success by working on The Walking Dead, an already existing universe, but the company wants to work on its own intellectual property in the future, with a high-profile partner.

Dan Connors, the chief executive officer at Telltale Games, tells GameInformer that his team is interested in finding a partner to work with.

He states, “Maybe Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams stole our thunder of a great Hollywood and games marriage, but I think we see ourselves, if we’re going to create another franchise, we’re going to do it with someone who has a lot of experience and a lot of talent from a storytelling standpoint.”

He adds, “We’re going to provide the interactive piece, and we’re going to bring the strengths of movies and games together and create something that’s bigger than the two. It just has to happen; it’s just inevitable. We always like to try and make those things happen. That will be something we’d be super interested in.”

It’s not clear whether Connors is talking about a franchise that mixes a video game and a television component or whether the developer wants to see a new kind of media that blends the best of both mediums.

Telltale Games is currently working on a second season for The Walking Dead, which will use the same episodic structure and adventure game mechanics but will expand on the choices offered to players.

It seems that it might introduce some kind of crossover with the television series that uses the same name, although its exact nature has not been detailed.

The developer is also working on another video game series, based on the Fables comic book universe.

It will follow a cast of characters drawn from folklore and stories, which are forced to live in the modern world, and their adventures.

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