Walker Spots Bigfoot in England – 8ft-tall (2.5-meter) Creature with Red Eyes

Similar reports to those from 70 years ago, during World War II, surface

An 8ft-tall (2.5-meter) Bigfoot is roaming around Tunbridge Wells in England, reports say. Several residents have spotted the creature with “red burning eyes” in a Common in Kent.

The Sun writes that the last local to spot the beast three weeks ago described it as very tall and “covered in hair.” It has “long arms and stood at around 8ft tall (2.5 meters),” the resident said. The unidentified creature roared as the man was walking through a heavily wooded area.

70 years ago, during World War II, similar reports detailed the appearance of the Kentish Apeman. In 1942, a now senior couple were sitting on a bench when Bigfoot started walking towards them.

Their story is told by local painter and decorator Graham S. The “red eyes” feature is also mentioned in the decades-old account.

“One particular day she (the elderly lady) went to the common with her husband and was sitting on a bench when they became aware of a shuffling noise behind them.

“Upon turning around both her husband and herself saw what she described as a tall, hairy ape like creature with eyes that were burning a reddish colour and it was moving towards them at a slow pace,” he says.

The couple didn't hit the ground running right away. They waited until the apeman got closer, to determine whether or not it was a gorilla. They presented their concern about an animal escaping from a nearby zoo to local police, but officers didn't take them seriously.

“They observed this creature for some time until they became afraid and they both fled – terrified.

“She went on to say that they told the police and members of their family, thinking that a gorilla had escaped from a zoo, but were laughed at and were not believed.”

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