Walk on HotSpots in Beautiful Spain

It’s an obvious implementation and we wonder why our Mayor doesn’t think of this

It’s nice to see that some authorities are really working on innovative ideas. A Spanish company and the authorities are reportedly implementing a project where the pavement will contain networking infrastructure and hotspots in most areas of the city of Madrid.

The cabling and transmission devices are installed under 23 Kg (53 pounds) tiles and will probably have a low power signal enough to connect a walkers phone to the internet, but won’t irradiate the people living in buildings next to the “hot” sidewalk, nor will it create too much interference with other networks.

Accessing the network will most likely get you maps and tourist information such as locations, useful authorities’ telephone numbers, coupons and promotions etc. It’s not yet known if the network will allow total internet access or limited access to the public information service.

If any of our readers in Madrid have more info on this, please share it with us in the comments section.

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