Wal-Mart Supposedly Fired an Employee for Rescuing a Pup

The corporation is yet to make any comments on this rumor

Rumor has it that one Wal-Mart employee recently got fired on account of his making the terrible mistake of lending a helping hand to a puppy in distress.

Thus, it looks like this pup somehow wondered into a Wal-Mart store in Hermiston, Oregon, and said employee did nothing more and nothing less than look after it while waiting for a member of an animal rescue group to arrive and pick it up.

Sources say that the animal was looking both scared and quite hungry, which is why most people agree that the Wal-Mart employee did a rather good deed when he decided to help it.

Still, it looks like the store's manager did not really approve of this rescue operation, and the man who saved the dog soon got fired for his offering temporary housing to this pup.

For the time being, Wal-Mart is yet to make any comments on this piece of news.

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