WWF Director General Asks the European Parliament to “Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans”

J. Leape's open letter to the European Parliament says most fish stocks are overexploited

Earlier today, the official website for the World Wildlife Fund witnessed the publication of an open letter written by the organization's Director General, Jim Leape, and addressed to the European Parliament.

The message is quite simple: those working in the European Parliament must do their best to promote sustainable fishing policies, otherwise both the environment and international economies will have to suffer.

As Jim Leape explains, “Seventy five per cent of European fish stocks are overexploited and almost one third of fishing jobs in Europe have been lost in the last decade alone – the result of thirty years of mismanagement by fisheries ministers under Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy.”

What this environmentalist and the organization he is in charge of running fear is that, all things considered, our oceans might soon go bankrupt as far as their being able to provide us with fish and seafood is concerned.

Hopefully, Jim Leape's message will be given due consideration.

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