WWDC14 to Focus on OS X 10.10 with Complete UI Redesign, iOS 8 Will Be Secondary – Report

New Apple TV in the works with revamped operating system

The WWDC14 opening keynote will focus on the next-generation OS X first and foremost, leaving iOS 8 as a secondary announcement, according to a new report. The next Mac OS will feature a completely revamped UI, while iOS 8 might not get all the rumored new features at debut.

Sources close to 9to5mac say OS X 10.10 will have “similar toggle designs to iOS 7, sharper window corners, more defined icons across the system, and more white space,” while Finder, multi-window multitasking, and Mission Control will stay in place just the way they are.

The aesthetic tweaks are not so much focused on changing how the customer uses the OS, but rather on providing a visual consistency between OS X and iOS. The release of the operating system is planned for fall 2014, and developers are likely to receive a preview build on June 2, the report suggests.

iOS 8 is still on the table for unveiling at WWDC14, but “some changes might not be so immediate,” according to the Mac-centric site. The sources are actually saying that Apple has kicked off work for iOS 8.1 with plans to include some of the widely-reported new features.

It is unclear which of these features are being pushed back, but Apple is known to be planning the inclusion of a Healthbook app for tracking health statistics, a new Maps app with public transit directions, an iTunes Radio app, VoLTE calling support, standalone TextEdit and Preview apps, and more.

The company is also planning “some significant changes to iCloud” and a song identification feature for Siri made possible thanks to the reported partnership with Shazam.

The next-generation iPhone 6 is getting an A8 processor, the sources added, though it is unclear if this announcement will be made at the developer event. The chip is reportedly designed to be “more efficient for battery life and overall performance.”

As far as the Apple TV is concerned, an updated version is in the works featuring a revamped operating system and interface, with the same planned features as rumored before: its own store, access to apps (possibly games too), etc. Unlike before, when the Apple TV business was a hobby, development for the box is now said to be a top priority.

Apple’s WWDC starts on June 2 and lasts until June 6. All the major announcements will be made on day one, during the opening keynote hosted by CEO Tim Cook and his fellow executives.

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