WSJ Owner Rupert Murdoch: Chinese Still Hacking Us

China continues to deny any involvement in the cyberattacks

In a tweet posted a few hours ago, Rupert Murdoch – the famous media mogul and the owner of The Wall Street Journal – revealed that Chinese hackers were still attacking the newspaper’s computer systems.

“Chinese still hacking us, or were over weekend,” Murdoch wrote.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published a report in which it detailed the attacks launched by China against the company. The publication’s representatives claimed that the attackers were apparently trying to get access to China-related information.

“Evidence shows that infiltration efforts target the monitoring of the Journal's coverage of China and are not an attempt to gain commercial advantage or to misappropriate customer information,” Paula Keve, a spokeswoman for Dow Jones, said at the time.

The WSJ is not the only US newspaper to report being hit by Chinese hackers. The first to break the news was The New York Times, but The Washington Post also claimed it was a victim of cyberattacks.

In the meantime, China continues to deny any involvement, arguing that the US is naming the country as the culprit based only on IP addresses.

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