WP Mango App Submissions, WP SDK 7.1 RC, Zune 4.8

The Windows Phone Marketplace has been opened for the submission of Mango applications, and those who would like to have their software available for the new mobile operating system version can now head over to the App Hub to get started.

Since the submission process has already started, the first applications optimized for the Windows Phone Mango platform version should be published in a matter of days.

Among the features and capabilities they bring along, we can count fast app switching, background audio, and multiple and double sided Live Tiles, as well as enhanced Search integration, and more.

Those who already have devices running under early builds of the Windows Phone Mango OS will start seeing the new applications in the Marketplace, though the commercially available phones will not be released just now.

The Marketplace has around 30,000 applications and games available for download and purchase, and even more of them should be released in the near future.

And with the release of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC only a few days ago, things will get even easier for those interested in having their applications available on Windows Phone Mango.

Some of the features the WP SDK 7.1 RC brings along would include the ‘Go Live’ license through which devs can publish apps to the Marketplace, and the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone, for those who would like to monetize their applications via advertising.

The SDK also includes the completed Marketplace Test Kit, so that developers can test the app for certification requirements through running the same set of tests that will be run by the Marketplace team.

Game developers will also be pleased to learn that they can have their titles submitted to a number of 19 new Mango markets that were announced in July.

The list of new markets includes Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.

The new WP SDK 7.1 RC should shorten the time to market, and will offer devs the possibility to cross submit games and ratings information to a larger number of markets around the world via the App Hub.

“This also now includes free access to the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) game rating system, via PEGI Express, for Windows Phone developers. PEGI Express is an easy to use online tool enabling developers to generate an age rating certificate for their game which they can submit via App Hub,” Microsoft explains.

At the same time, Microsoft announced the release of Zune 4.8, the key companion for Windows Phones, which brings enhanced support for Windows Phone Mango devices.

The new application flavor comes along with new features related to updating the Windows Phone software, such as progressive updates, streamlined backup, or the possibility to skip phone backup, and offers support for 22 display languages.

The application can be downloaded from Softpedia here. Zune 4.8 brings along various fixes too, and is now available for users in more countries than before. The Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC can be downloaded via this link.

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