Vuzix Thrives on Video Eyewear Sales

Vuzix recently revealed its newest video eyewear products and, for those that might be skeptical about their success, the company's recent financial results speak for themselves.

One thing that can shed some light on whether a certain product type is selling well or not are financial results of companies involved in their creation and marketing.

In the case of video eyewear products, Vuzix is one of the representatives, its latest offer having been completed not long ago.

“Our new consumer product, the Wrap 1200, will be launched this August. It will be our highest resolution Video Eyewear that we have released to date and it offers a virtual 75" widescreen TV viewing experience,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“Additionally the August launch of our STAR 1200 will be our first Video Eyewear product with see-through optics offered outside the defense markets. With its integrated head tracker and HD camera, we expect this model to be attractive to Augmented Reality researchers and users."

For those that need a reminder, video eyewear are, essentially, glasses that can display their own images, even in 3D.

Apparently, the market for such things has been on the rise this year, Vuzix having published fairly favorable results, financially speaking.

With a sales increase of 21.6% during the January-June period, compared to the first half of 2010, gross profits escalated as well, by 174%.

There were, of course, expenses that needed to be reported, as well as some losses during the second quarter of the year (2011). Full information may be found in the official press release.

"Despite difficult economic uncertainties in Japan and Europe and slowdowns in some areas of US Government defense spending, we were pleased with our overall performance in the first half of 2011,” noted the CEO.

“We realized strong revenue growth in our defense products and engineering services areas and narrowed our operating losses in both the quarterly and semi-annual periods against the prior year.

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