Vuze 4.2.0 Available – Free Download

The fresh version packs new features, as well as bug fixes

Vuze is a powerful BitTorrent client that greatly extends the original Python client's feature set. Formerly known as Azureus, Vuze can manage multiple downloads at once from a single window, or offer detailed real-time download statistics with export to XML, advanced download and seeding management rules, configuration and torrent creation wizards, embedded tracker for easy and automated hosting of your own files, PeerGuardian IP address filtering and web browser, and console UIs.

With the latest version out the door, Vuze adds a few UI enhancements to the Devices panel, individual Device panel, Device chooser, and Device Profile Chooser, as well as a few Core changes, the changelog reveals. Bug fixes include: fixed IP binding error when performing a NAT test under Vista and fixed notifications not getting pulled.

The multi-platform client makes transferring files via the BitTorrent protocol a breeze. The developers have also included a new split-window MyTorrents view with support for categories, and advanced downloading / seeding / queuing rules for powerful and automated torrent management, as well as a customizable user interface, seeding from read-only media, and significant reductions in resource usage.

Main features of Vuze include:

· Multiple torrent downloads

· Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent

· Advanced seeding rules

· Adjustable disk cache

· Only uses one port for all the torrents

· Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications

· Can set a default download dir and move completed files

· Can import torrents automatically from a set dir

· Highly customizable interface

· Embedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)...

Vuze is the most popular app of its kind for Mac, having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times here on Softpedia. The software supports a total of 27 available languages. Use the link below to download the latest version yourself. Vuze requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later and is a Universal Binary, supported on PowerPC and Intel-based machines alike.

Download Vuze (Free)

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