Vulcan and Cerberus to Be the Names of Pluto's Newest Moons

Two of Pluto's moons need official names, these two were the most popular in a vote

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Vulcan and Cerberus have come out as the top names in the vote to decide what to call the two Pluto moons that haven't been officially named yet.

The fourth and fifth moons of Pluto, discovered in recent years, are designated as P4 and P5 and need new names.

SETI Institute and Mark Showalter, who discovered P5, are preparing to propose names for the moons to the International Astronomical Union and asked people to vote or make suggestions.

After 450,000 votes, Vulcan came out as the clear favorite with 174,000 votes.

While Vulcan is the name of a Roman god, the god of fire, lava and volcanoes, as is required, it got picked because of its connection with Star Trek, Vulcan is the home planet of Spock.

In fact, it was Captain James Kirk himself that proposed the name, it was not part of the first batch of names put forward.

Cerberus was the second most voted name with close to 100,000 votes. There are no guarantees that these are the two names that will be proposed or that they will be picked by the IAU. The whole process will take a couple of more months.

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