VoxAnon IRC Network Taken Down by DDOS Attack

Hackers take turns taking down each other's IRC servers

“VoxAnon will be back soon! Check this page frequently for updates!” reads a message displayed on VoxAnon.org.

VoxAnon has been taken down as a result of a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack which probably started on June 8, when the platform’s administrators first announced the fact that the server was down.

“#VoxAnon is down due to #DDOS Haters will hate. We won't stop doing what we do best,” read a tweet from VoxAnon IRC on June 10.

The next day, the same account posted a similar tweet: #VoxAnon is still under heavy DDoS attack. Sorry for the down time.

While the IRC network’s administrators promise to bring it back up in the next days, other members of the Anonymous community don’t see this as a “tragedy.”

“Oh noes. Some kid ddosed an Anonymous IRC. What a tragedy! Anyone got 0.25 BTC? Would cover the damage,” said the individual who owns the AnonymousIRC Twitter account.

According to a report from HOTforSecurity, the DDOS attack may have been launched by other hacktivists who name VoxAnon a platform on which security companies and law enforcement look around.

When it was first launched, VoxAnon was advertised as an IRC community aimed at “facilitating inter-Anonymous discussions and activities.”

The creators of the platform were allegedly veteran online activists who wanted to offer a safe and secure communication channel. The idea was to encourage the flow of ideas without being censored and to build an “efficient, proficient, and skillful Community.”

Of course, this is not the first time when an Anonymous IRC server is taken down by other Anons. It seems as they’re taking turns attacking each other.

In the meantime, VoxAnon representatives advise their customers to keep checking the website to see when the server goes back online.

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