Vote to Decide Which Game Idea Double Fine Develops Next

The process has led to Iron Brigade, Stacking and Costume Quest

Video game developer Double Fine is inviting players to vote in order to decide which video games the company will create next, with 23 possible ideas on display on the official website, the place where votes need to be placed before the end of the week.

The ideas that Double Fine has prototyped are all linked to something the studio called Amnesia Fortnight, during which the entire company is split into two smaller teams for two weeks and they have complete freedom in order to express their ideas and then pitch them for future development.

Double Fine says that it will then create four alpha versions for players to try out, under a pay-what-you-want model, and after that, another vote will take place in order to get a final decision from the fan community about what Double Fine will create next.

Those who pay anything right now for the Amnesia Fortnight voting process will be able to get immediate access to some prototypes, including Happy Song and Costume Quest.

Gamers also have the ability to decide how much of their contribution goes directly to Double Fine, how much is linked to the Humble Bundle and what part can be given to the Child’s Play charity project.

Double Fine has also created a video that talks about the various prototypes gamers can choose from.

Tim Schafer says Amnesia Fortnight is “a great morale boost for the team, and a highly effective way to develop new game ideas.”

The process has already resulted in the creation of Trenched, also known as Iron Brigade, Stacking and Costume Quest.

The new game project from Double Fine will in no way impede the creation of the old school adventure game projects that the studio funded via Kickstarter and should be out in 2013.

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