Vote for BioShock Infinite's Reversible Cover

Choose the reversible cover and the free printable artwork

Seeing as how the actual cover of BioShock Infinite generated a huge backlash among its loyal fans, Irrational Games has now organized a special poll that lets them decide what design should be on the reversible cover that will be included with all copies of the game.

BioShock Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of 2013, promising to deliver a unique experience on March 26 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

While fans of the original BioShock are looking forward to the release of the game, many people expressed their disapproval of the game's actual cover artwork, which featured only the main protagonist, Booker DeWitt, and had him in a pretty cliché pose.

Now, after explaining just why the box art looks the way it looks, BioShock Infinite designer and Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has revealed that the game will come with a special reversible cover, meaning another version will be printed on the back of the official one.

In order to give fans a chance to make their voices heard, a special poll has been set up on the studio's website that lets players decide among six different designs for the reversible cover.

"I’m happy to announce that the game will come with a reversible cover," Levine said. "But that’s not all. We want to hear your voice on what that cover should be. To that end, we’ve arranged a poll below that lets you choose from several potential reversible covers. I’ve got my favorite, but I’m not telling which. We’ve got to do this quickly to meet our print deadlines, so vote soon."

Besides the official reversible cover, Irrational will also offer free high-quality variants on its forums that players can print out on their own and stick inside the game's box, if they're not content with either the official or the reversible one.

"We’re also going to be arranging a whole mess of MORE alternate covers which will be available to download and print yourself. Of course, these are free and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the forums as to what you’d like to see."

You can vote on the reversible cover and find out more about the designs here.

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