VortexBox 1.10 Adds Support for New Devices

Also comes with a new Linux kernel and SqueezeBox 7.6.1

The release of VortexBox 1.10 has been announced. The media server distro boasts plenty of fixes and improvements as well as some updated packages. There is also support for more hardware.

The previous release dates back to May and VortexBox is updated once every couple of months or so. It took longer this time, but there are things to like in the latest version.

"It’s been a while since we released a new version of VortexBox and there are a lot of small fixes and tweaks in this new version," the announcement starts off.

The big updates in VortexBox 1.10 is a new kernel, but also a new SqueezeBox 7.6.1 server, the core of the entire distro.

"There are also a lot of small updates such as increased UPnP player support," it added.

VortexBox 1.10 adds support for newer Samsung TVs and the BeoSound 5 from Bang & Olufsen. Newer devices from both Sonos and Logitech have also been tested to ensure compatibility, the announcement said.

Also new is support for the VortexBox Orbiter, a new device that automatically connects to existing VorbexBox appliance.

"We added a lot of user requested features such as a one click restore button in the USB backup manager," VortexBox also said.

"We also added faster mp3 mirroring at the request of VortexBox users," it added.

About VortexBox

VortexBox is a Fedora-based Linux distribution that turns any computer into a media streaming server or jukebox.

It automatically rips Audio CDs to MP3 and FLAC files and fills in ID3 tags and cover art. The ripped files can then be streamed to a network player such as Logitech SqueezeBox, Linn or Sonos, and even to a Windows or Macintosh system.

As of VortexBox 1.7, it can also rip DVDs as MKV or MP4 video files. For installation, VortexBox requires an empty hard drive, it doesn't work on a hard disk partition.

VortexBox 1.10 is available for download here on Softpedia.

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