Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Branded Racist for Using Jamaican Accent

“Get Happy” video causes a stir online because it could be interpreted as offensive

I hope you’re ready for Super Bowl and the massive number of ads (and movie trailers) that are about to come your way in the following days. In the meantime, above is the latest for Volkswagen.

Check it out.

The idea of the ad is pretty simple: drive a Volkswagen and everything – even the bad things in life, like Mondays or trouble at work – will seem better. Volkswagen is practically the certified way in which you can turn a frown upside down.

It’s the accent used in it that’s drawing some heat, with voices online saying that it makes the ad “racist” and offensive.

Some even go as far as to call it as offensive as “Blackface with voices,” ONTD notes.

Perhaps political correctness strikes again and makes another innocent victim. What do you think: is the ad really offensive or are certain people simply looking to feel “offended” no matter what?

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