Volkswagen Promises to Make You More Jamaican in Super Bowl Ad

Driving a Beetle turns a man's frown “the other way around” in this new commercial

Volkswagen has posted its ad for the 2013 Super Bowl, and I have to say I found it a bit disappointing.

The commercial basically promises you that buying one of their vehicles will make your life better by taking your frown and turning it “the other way around.”

The main character forgets about worries at work when he drives his Beetle. He also takes on a Jamaican accent, although co-workers mention to him that he is from Minessota.

While the advert is infused with a good, upbeat attitude, it definitely left me wanting more. Compared to the Coca-Cola interactive spot that I described last week, I felt it lacked enthusiasm and originality.

Write what you thought of the Volkswagen ad in the comment section below.

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