Voice of Reveton-Powered Ransomware Revealed – Video

The malware "speaks" Dutch, Italian, English, French and German

Russian website “Malware don’t need Coffee” has published a number of YouTube videos showing the Reveton ransomware in action.

A few weeks ago, experts revealed that the newer ransomware variants not only displayed the “threat” message on the locked screens of the affected computers, but they also used an audio file to make everything look more convincing.

At the time, experts revealed the technical details, but they hadn’t shown how the malware actually speaks.

“Malware don’t need Coffee” has made some videos to show how the ransomware speaks to users from the US, France, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

As you can see in the video, there’s another clever tactic utilized to scare victims into thinking that they’re actually monitored by law enforcement. The crooks are using an animated GIF file that mimics video from the webcam.

The rest of the videos are available on Malware don’t need Cofee.

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