Vodka Saves Puppy from Dying of Poisoning

The puppy drank radiator fluid, risked losing its life

A 10-week-old puppy now owes its life to a bottle of vodka, which veterinarians used to save it from dying of poisoning.

Apparently, Cleo, as this puppy is named, was left unattended in its owner's garage and for one reason or another decided to pass the time by licking and drinking radiator fluid. Soon after ingesting this harmful liquid, the puppy began feeling sick.

Its owner immediately rushed Cleo to the vet, who figured out what was wrong with the puppy and suggested that they use vodka to save its life, sources report.

“The vet had a bottle of vodka, which was a gift, so they just hooked her up. The next time I saw her [Cleo] I asked if she was wasted and the vet was like, ‘yeah’,” owner Stacey Zammit told members of the press.

After having gone through a bottle and a half of vodka in roughly three days' time, Cleo started feeling better, and both the vet and its owner expect that once the hangover passes, this puppy will start running and playing as it used to prior to this incident.

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