Vodafone to Deliver Android 2.0 to HTC Magic

No Android 2.1 update planned, it seems

Android phone fans out there should now have one more reason to rejoice, as wireless carrier Vodafone reportedly confirmed plans to deliver the Android 2.0 software update to all owners of an HTC Magic. Moreover, it seems that the handset will taste the Android 2.0.1 flavor of Google's operating system, yet no details on the exact availability of the solution emerged until now.

According to a recent post on elandroidelibre (via phandroid), Vodafone confirmed plans to release an OTA update to Android 2.0.1 for the HTC Magic devices out there. However, the wireless carrier hasn't unveiled an exact availability date for the software solution, but the news site says that March might be a lucky update window. However, this is only a supposed launch date, and no confirmation on it is available, it seems.

This should be great news to a lot of Android users out there, even if no Android 2.1 arrives for HTC Magic in the end, mainly due to the fact that it lacks the necessary hardware power. However, the Android 2.0.1 will still make the Magic an appealing device once again, as the news site states, “But I am firmly convinced that our Magic with 2.0 will be a top terminal that can look over his shoulder at 99% of those in the market.”

The Android 2.0 operating system arrived on the market during the fourth quarter of the last year, when Verizon Wireless launched the Motorola DROID on its airwaves. A newer version of Google's mobile platform is already available at large, the Android 2.1 OS, but not all older handsets will taste it in the end, mainly due to hardware limitations. Other carriers around the world also committed to deliver an update for their customers using an older Android mobile phone, and Magic users out there are among those who will enjoy a newer platform, though not the latest when Vodafone is involved, it seems.

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