Vodafone UK Delivers the 'ChargeBox'

Users can now charge their devices for one pound

Vodafone UK takes care of all the needs that their customers might have. Recently, the mobile operator thought it would be a good idea to put an end to dead batteries, and it did so by launching the ChargeBox, a service that allows customers to recharge their mobile phones, MP3 players and games machines.

Considering that, for most users, a dead battery can be one of the most annoying things that could ever happen to their devices (total failure of the device in question not included, of course), this service really seems to come in handy.

Starting October, in only thirty select stores, customers will be able to lease a locker called a ChargeBox, which offers a wide range of different charging pins from different manufacturers, including Nokia, Apple and Sony Ericsson. Each locker will have a single key that will remains at the customer while their device is left to charge so, those using it better be careful not to lose it. However, rest assured, a copy of that key must also exist, since no service provider would take the risk of losing the only key for a locker. At least, we can hope it wouldn’t.

The prices for the ChargeBox will vary from one pound for 30 minutes, to a maximum of two pounds for 90 minutes, enough for every device out there to get at least half of the battery recharged. The payment method is not at all complicated, users being able to pay either by inserting the money directly into the ChargeBox or by paying via text message.

Jonathan Dryland, Vodafone UK head of retail development said, "We're always looking for ways we can make the lives of consumers easier. The roll out of ChargeBox will give people that lifeline to make a call when they've ran out of battery power. ''

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