Vodafone Australia Touts New Big Smartphone Launch, Might Be iPhone 5

Users can now register their interest in the new device

Australian mobile phone users will soon be able to purchase a new, high-end smartphone on the airwaves of local wireless carrier Vodafone.

The operator itself has put up a teaser page for this upcoming device, though no specific info on what it might be has emerged for the time being.

On the said webpage, the wireless carrier notes that users will soon be able to purchase the smartphone that they have been always wanting to arrive.

“Waiting for the smartphone you want to arrive? Register now to receive info on the next big smartphone release. Coming soon to Vodafone,” the carrier notes on its website here.

Clearly, something big is expected to arrive in the near future, although no clues on what it might be have been given.

However, there are those who suggest that the wireless carrier might be hinting at the near availability of the iPhone 5 on its airwaves.

The fact that the carrier describes the handset as the “smartphone that you want to arrive” might be the indicator that this is something more than a usual Android or BlackBerry device, yet it should be considered only a supposition for the time being.

After all, there is the possibility that a very high-end Android phone is the handset that will impress everyone, or a device powered by another OS out there.

We could continue suggesting all kinds of possible scenarios, but we'll stick with the initial premises, that the device would be none other than the fifth-generation iPhone, which should make its debut in early October, and we'll wait for the official confirmation on this to emerge.

Australian users who are interested in learning what this handset is all about should head over to the wireless carrier's website for that. Those who will sign up to a Vodafone Month to Month SIM Only plan will also be informed on when they are able to upgrade, the wireless carrier announced.

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