Vladimir Franz: Tattooed Composer on Third Place in Czech Elections

Franz sports tattoos from head to toe, on 90 percent of his body, including his face

The Czech presidential elections have offered a surprise candidate this year: inexperienced, tattooed composer and professor Vladimir Franz.

I've written about Mr. Franz before, but this time it's to give an update on his ambitious plans to become president. It seems he is running third in the race at this point, a truly unexpected result.

The composer and performing arts professor sports tattoos from head to toe. They cover 90 percent of his body, including his face.

His campaign relies heavily on votes from the young population. Social media and word of mouth are his main sources of popularity.

Daily Mail reports that Franz only spent a total of $25,000 (£15,575 / €19,100) on campaign costs, and he never once put up a poster. Most his campaign aids are volunteers. One of his goals is to legalize marijuana.

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