Vizio Readies 55- to 70-Inch HDTVs for the Winter Holidays

Naturally, some of the products will support 3D imagery

First and foremost, Vizio is a maker of TVs, so, naturally, it isn't about to let much time pass without releasing some new HDTVs, especially with the winter holidays coming up.

Sure, the company entered the PC market this past summer, launched thin and light notebooks, all-in-one systems and a Full HD 15.6-inch ultrabook, of all things, but TVs are still its main game.

Its collection will be extended with 55- to 70-inch HDTVs, some with 3D and some without.

One model will be part of the CinemaWide series (ultra widescreen form factor) and will measure 58 inches in diagonal.

Three screens with 3D will join the M-Series, while two 2D-only panels will be welcomed in the E-Series.

The 2D ones will be cheaper of course, though they will have the other perks, like edge-LIT LED backlighting (thinner bezels).

Prices range from $949 / 733-949 Euro to $1,999 / 1,546 Euro.

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